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Zero Engine is now public and we look forward to working with our peers in the industry. Below are a few ways that we'd like to accelerate your productivity. Benefits applicable to DigiPen Alumni:

Hands on training

Training and introduction to the Zero Engine directly from the developers. Join a crash course in using and customizing the Zero Engine, and learn about its structures and design concepts to become proficient as quickly as possible. Hosted at a DigiPen computer lab, but you are still welcome to bring your own computer.

Direct line of contact

Streamlined and prioritized line of communication with the developers. We have a Zero Engine Discord server with a DigiPen Alumni exclusive support chat. Our team frequently monitors the alumni_support channel to quickly solve problems or questions that you may encounter during your everyday development. Join our Discord and request an Alumni role from a dev/admin.

Prospective project consultation

If your team is starting a project or even considering porting a project, we will help you decide if Zero Engine is the right tool for the job. Your project vision may require some niche technical details. We can tell you if what you need is ready to go out of the box or give you a realistic expectation of what it would take to accomplish your goals.

Discounted Royalties

For the indefinite future of the Zero Engine, we are offering DigiPen Alumni a discounted percentage on the royalties agreement.

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