Contributing Bug Reports
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IMPORTANT: When filing a bug report, you MUST include reproduction instructions. We can not help fix bugs we can not reproduce, and will not accept reports which omit reproduction instructions.

Found a bug in the engine or a typo on ZeroHub? Let us know!

The most important things to do are:

  • Make sure Zero is up to date
  • Make sure we support your setup
  • Gather debugging information
  • Explain how to reproduce the issue
  • Create a task in Maniphest

The rest of this page walks through these points in detail.

If you have a feature request (not a bug report), see Contributing Feature Requests for a more tailored guide.

For general information on contributing to Zero, see Contributing to Zero.

Bug Report Forms

Reporting In Editor

Bug reports can be sent from within the engine to ZeroHub by clicking the bug report button in the top right corner of the editor.

In editor bug reporting form

You must fill out all text fields in the report form as seen below.

Bug Report button in editor
You should supply the email used for your ZeroHub account. Notice that in the Name field a Remarkup user reference was supplied. This is important as it allows Zero Engine Developers to communicate with the user who submits the bug. In addition to the Name field all text fields in the bug report form are uploaded to ZeroHub as Remarkup so all formatting will work online once the bug report has been submitted.

Reporting on ZeroHub

Bug report form on the ZeroHub
The bug report form on ZeroHub reflects the generated bug report task created when reporting from the editor. All the same information is required, however, the username reference to the bug report author is not necessary to manually provide as the task form will automatically set the submitter as the task author.

NOTE: Bug reports are automatically tagged with the Bug Report tag when submitted using the editor report form or the ZeroHub Bug Report Form.

Log Files & Crash Dumps

Occasionally you may be asked to investigate log files for the editor in order to help resolve your bug report. Zero places log files in your temp directory.

You can type %temp% in an explorer window address bar to reach your temp folder.

The following files can be found in the temp folder:

  • ZeroLauncherLog_y-m-d--h-m-s.txt
  • ZeroLog_y-m-d--h-m-s.txt
  • ZeroCrash_y-m-d--h-m-s.dmp
  • ZeroStack_y-m-d--h-m-s.txt

Supported Issues

Before filing a bug, make sure you're filing an issue against something we support.

We can NOT help you with issues we can not reproduce: It is critical that you explain how to reproduce the issue when filing a report.

For help, see Providing Reproduction Steps.

We do NOT support experimental features/branches publicly. If you're running into an issue with an experimental feature/branch, you're on your own.

We do NOT support third-party packages or instructions: If you installed Zero (or configured some aspect of it) using a third-party package or by following a third-party guide (like a blog post), we can not help you. The Zero Engine changes quickly and third-party information is unreliable and often falls out of date. Contact the maintainer of the package or guide you used, or reinstall following the upstream instructions.

We do NOT support custom code development or third-party libraries: If you're writing an extension, you're on your own. We provide some documentation, but can not help you with extension or library development. If you downloaded a library from somewhere, contact the library maintainer.

We do NOT support bizarre environments: If your issue is specific to an unusual installation environment, we generally will not help you find a workaround. Install Zero in a normal environment instead. Examples of unusual environments are linux based operating systems, non-traditional hardware(gaming consoles, storage appliances), and hardware with unusually tight resource constraints (raspberry pi). The vast majority of users install Zero in normal environments (modern computers with admin access) and these are the only environments we support.

Otherwise, if you're having an issue with a supported first-party application/feature and followed the upstream install instructions on a normal computer, we're happy to try to help.

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