Contributing to Zero
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If you would like to contribute to the Zero Engine community and ZeroHub, there are many ways you can do so. We have open tasks in a wide range of fields, including art, programming, design, sound, and many more. The following contribution pipelines are the most common ways Contributors may work on the project:


ZeroDocs Pipeline

  • Is there a tutorial or manual page that you feel could be updated or improved upon? Is there a particular feature you have experience with that hasn't been fully documented yet?
  • Style Guide - A set of rules and guidelines for writing manual and tutorial pages as well our Remarkup standards and conventions.

We can always use more documentation!

ZeroSource Pipeline

  • Want to add a feature or develop a C++ plugin? We would love to see your code.


  • Want to get involved with ZeroHub development? You don't need web development experience (although that can help) to get started helping out with the ZeroHub services.
  • Learn more about C++ Source Access

Issues and Requests

Find an issue in the site, documentation, or engine? Let us know!

Contributing Bug Reports

Contributing Feature Requests


Have another idea on how you can help? We're always open to ideas, just make us a task tagged with Contribution Offer.

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