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Welcome to ZeroHub, the Zero Engine community's Phabricator instance. Phabricator is an open source software development production application suite that we use to keep the project and community organized.

You can find the official Phabricator documentation here. However, we found there are many many ways to use Phabricator, and we have a few rules and conventions of our own. To facilitate the onboarding of our users into our Phabricator environement we have prepared further documentation of the ZeroHub Phabricator instance.

Introduction to Phabricator

While the official Phabricator Documentation cover a large amount of the built in functionality it does not cover the way ZeroHub uses that functionality. It is suggested all users read through the following documentation to avoid getting lost in the large amount of applications Phabricator offers.

ZeroHub Phabricator Documentation

Configuring Your Account

Learn how to configure you account and set your Version Control System (VCS) password.


Every Phabricator object (tasks, projects, pastes, etc) have a policies which determine user permissions.


Projects are essentially tags that can be applied to object to organize them. They can be used in many ways.

Queries & Search

How to set up default queries for various applications.

Official Phabricator Documentation

NOTE: All Phabricator applications have official names from Phacility, however for clarity many of these applications are referenced by alternative names to make their purpose more clear. Also much of the Phabricator Documentation by Phacility is instance agnostic meaning it does not take into account any of our customized workflow within Phabricator applications.

Pre-Push Code Review (Diffusion) Documentation

User Profile Menus Documentation

Projects Documentation

Remarkup Reference

Search User Guide

Search Shortcuts Documentation

Slowvote documentation

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