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Welcome to ZeroHub

Download the Zero Engine Launcher

The Zero Engine is now released, meaning anyone can download and use the engine. We are going open source, which means you can contribute to the engine, or just make it better for you. You can find the L3 Zero Engine End User License Agreement and more legal information here.

Check out the launcher documentation and get started.

What is ZeroHub?

ZeroHub is the open source project hub for the Zero Engine, a professional grade 3D engine developed in DigiPen Research & Development. This is more then just a site to download the engine, it is the source for documentation, demos, and information about the future of Zero.

ZeroHub is open to view, but you must create an account in order to interact with the community. We encourage new and experienced users to join our community and share their knowledge. Click Log In in the upper right corner of the header bar to register a new account with one of the available authentication providers.

Where Are The Docs?

The Zero Engine Documentation is available through the Phriction wiki application (which we've renamed to ZeroDocs). Most content that existed on can now be found in the Zero Editor Documentation.

What has changed?

Keep in mind that with ZeroHub comes a new major version of Zero. We have revamped and expanded our documentation, develop on a new platform. We've replaced Zero Graphics, redesigned Zero Audio, overhauled Zero Archetypes, and have open sourced the project among other things. This means breaking changes and a fresh start.

There may be a few pages that have gone away due to Deprecated features, and many have been heavily rewritten. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the zero engine documentation experience, make us a task!

Where is the source?

Access to the source is currently limited to those who have filled out a light NDA while we polish off some of the last few legal requirements for true open source development. Learn how to request C++ source code access here.

What Is Phabricator?

ZeroHub is built within a Phabricator instance in order to facilitate the engine in its new open source project form. The Zero Engine Developers have been using Phabricator for the past year and we quite like it. Phabricator shares similarities with other software production applications, but has several unique features. One very important feature is the built in mark up language, Remarkup which facilitates intergration between all the various web apps packaged within Phabricator. We suggest you read our Phabricator Documentation before attempting to contribute to Zero.


Once you have a handle on Phabricator and have familiarized yourself with the ZeroHub Documentation you can start contributing right away. Check out how to contribute to Zero today!

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